What is Kule CSS lazy?

Kule is a CSS framework, working for reducing duplicate CSS design during development.The whole Library contain 8 CSS files, include the major named kule.css and the others are kule-addons.css, kule-grid.css, kule-responsive.css, kule-jquery-ui.css, kule-jquery-plugins.css, kule-iconfonts.css, kule-hack.css. Kule include module, color management. when create new component, you could style component by way of kule module and color management to make more complex style. There are tow parts , CI and event , contain in color.

How to use?

Take Kule css files to your project folder and link it. EX: <link rel="stylesheet" href="yourpath/kule.css" />.

Getting Started

Base Templates

Base HTML Codes


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